30 Days of Gratitude–Day 16

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As a personal challenge to be more aware of all of my blessings in life, I am writing a post about one of those blessings every day for the 30 days prior to Thanksgiving. Some will be serious. Some will be silly. But they will all mean something to me personally. I invite you to join in, in the comments, in your own writing space, or simply in your head. So often we take for granted how much we have to be thankful for. It’s good to stop, reflect, and remember.

Today I am thankful for convenience meals.

I heated up a frozen lasagna today for lunch and it was great.

I’m trying to do more actual cooking with whole ingredients because I feel like the food tastes better and I feel better after eating. But sometimes a convenience meal is just nice on days that are hectic or days where you just want to curl up on the couch and read.

Another favorite convenience meal of mine is Just Crack and Egg for breakfast. I buy the protein blend that has the cheese, bacon, and sausage. All I do is add an egg, mix it all up, and microwave. Yes, I could make an omelette for breakfast. But everything is already portioned out so I’m not eating too much cheese, as is my wont, and it takes under 2 minutes.

To be fair, just about anything can become a convenience meal with a little bit of prep work. Making chicken enchiladas? Make a double batch and freeze some. I should get better about planning ahead like that so that I can have the convenience of simply throwing something in the oven and the good feeling of eating well.

But today is not that day.

Today I have a piping hot frozen lasagna and I am thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

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