30 Days of Gratitude–Day 22

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As a personal challenge to be more aware of all of my blessings in life, I am writing a post about one of those blessings every day for the 30 days prior to Thanksgiving. Some will be serious. Some will be silly. But they will all mean something to me personally. I invite you to join in, in the comments, in your own writing space, or simply in your head. So often we take for granted how much we have to be thankful for. It’s good to stop, reflect, and remember.

Today I am grateful for music.

Music can be a great emotional outlet. I can always find a song or a playlist to go with my mood, even if the music becomes secondary to another activity, like reading or cooking or writing. Music can enhance or bring about a particular mood. If I’m feeling mellow, I’ll listen to some jazz. If I’m feeling combative and angsty, I’ll crank up Green Day’s American Idiot. If I want to feel cheerful (and it’s the right time of year), I’ll listen to Christmas music.

I think music helps form a connection between people. There are songs I remember singing along to with my parents when I was a little kid (“Baker Street” with my mom and “Sunset Grill” with my dad). When a Rolling Stones song comes on, Steve or I will say, “Hey, we’ve seen this live,” which calls back the really cool opportunity we had to see the Stones at the Indianapolis Speedway shortly after we started dating.

I have a subscription to Spotify and I love it. I have an internet friend, Heather, who is way more knowledgeable about music than I and she has made all of these fantastic playlists that I return to over and over. Because I work from home when I’m not teaching yoga, I am constantly playing one of her lists. I play Spotify lists when I teach yoga and they each create different moods for the class whether that’s energetic or contemplative or just sorta going with the flow.

What are you grateful for today?

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