30 Days of Gratitude–Day 7

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As a personal challenge to be more aware of all of my blessings in life, I am writing a post about one of those blessings every day for the 30 days prior to Thanksgiving. Some will be serious. Some will be silly. But they will all mean something to me personally. I invite you to join in, in the comments, in your own writing space, or simply in your head. So often we take for granted how much we have to be thankful for. It’s good to stop, reflect, and remember.

Today I am grateful for my Kindle. I’ve already expressed how much I love reading by discussing some of my favorite authors. But today I want to focus on a medium.

I love how I can easily carry hundreds of books on one device. It’s super convenient when I travel, even if I’m just going across town. I’m not locked into one book–as a mood reader, who changes books depending on how I’m feeling, this is really important! And I’m not carrying ten books in my luggage. (That’s not to say I travel without physical books, but I don’t have to bring a bunch of options)

I go through phases where I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep. My Kindle allows me to read in bed until I fall asleep without disturbing Steve. I’m able to dim the brightness and occupy my mind. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning.

Plus it’s super convenient to get a new book instantaneously without leaving the house.

What are you thankful for today?